Day 3 – Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park was our next stop and unfortunately I didn’t get to go into the cave. #WhatALetDown  Why you ask? Mostly because I didn’t think it was a good idea to take my baby girl into an enclosed space screaming her lungs out. (You’re welcome group-of-40-strangers that would have strangled me!) My oldest daughter DID get to go on the tour with my mom and we made a pact that I would get to go into Jewel Cave so I would at least experience one of them. At Wind Cave you will learn the term “Boxwork” and you will also enter the cave through a revolving door taking steps down the whole way. At the end you will crawl on your hands and kneestake an elevator to the top, no worries. I’d advise you to get their early since tours DO sell out. Here are photos of the Visitor Center at least.

The Wind Cave National Park Visitor Center
A piece of the Boxwork
The upstairs gallery.
The downstairs gallery, you will wait here before you go on the tour.
The timeline, I found this a cool way to read the history.
Clara touching part of the "sacrificial" boxwork
A map of the "known" parts of the cave.


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