Day 4 – Jewel Cave National Monument

Alright, HERE are some cave photos. Although it’s funny, without any scale to go off of, they are a little abstract and lackluster. In person, the cave itself is amazing and again, I will say my photos don’t do it justice. The scenic tour we went on took about an hour and 15 minutes with stairs going up and down multiple stories.  My 3 year old got a little tired so I had to bribe her halfway with ice cream as her treat for completing the cave. Once you start the tour, there really is no going back!  Also Jewel Cave is different from Wind in the fact that it is VERY wet. We were “rained” on multiple times and you had to really watch your step on the the stairs so you didn’t slip. Halfway through the tour, our park ranger turns off all the artificial light and we are completely blind. I’ve never seen “darkness” like this in my life. It’s like your eyes are just straining for ANY small light source. Totally cool.

Jewel Cave National Monument
A close up of the Jewel Cave popcorn structure
This is actually a shot of the ceiling as you first walk into the cave.
Some of the artificial light came out "green" in the cave.
The lights they used to light the cave were well hidden and perfectly set.
This is just awesome.
She compared this to a what soda does to your teeth, we were standing in a big cavity.
Here you can see some scale with the stairs there. Bring your walking shoes.
Our Park Ranger was great, here she is telling us about the "Big Duh" and the "Cave of Misery" as well as her own adventures exploring the cave.
You are not allowed to touch the cave, at all.
Check out those colors. Amazing. By the time I finally figured out the settings I needed on my camera to get good "cave" shots, we were already walking up to the elevators. Booooo.
This looked like Cthulu's tentacles to me.

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