Day 3 – Sylvan Lake and the Needles

After seeing the Badlands, going to the Needles is your next “out of this world” scenic drive. Also, do NOT drive the Needles backwards like we did. We started at Custer State Park and drove north to Sylvan Lake. Now, if you are a daring, want to always be on the “outside” lane, love taking your life in your hands and playing chicken with oncoming cars, then yes, choose this route.  There are no guard rails and at times I found myself exclaiming “WHY ISN’T THIS DRIVE A ONE WAY!!”. #WIMP Heck they don’t even paint a middle line once you go through your first tunnel! Also, it’s much more fun being the passenger than the driver if you are wanting to the see the view. Okay, I’m exaggerating. The Needles drive IS exhilarating at times but is well worth it. Rent a small car or motorcycle, you can’t drive a camper or motor-home through them because of the tunnels. Also, take heed of the signs, yes, there IS falling rock.

Our first real look at the Needles
No motor-homes or campers on this route, rent a Jetta.
There are two levels of parking here, you can see the "man made" retaining wall in the corner.
The Needles from afar
The "EYE", unfortunately I got a side shot, a ton of people were on this road and it was congested.
Very overcast and COLD. Also do you see the UFO?
Alot of people were fishing around the lake which was surprising to me
Sylvan Lake

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