Day 2 – Old MacDonald’s Farm

While most people would be heading to Deadwood to hit the casinos, I’m playing the family girl and taking my children to petting zoos!  This is a FAMILY vacation so the gambling and wine tasting will have to wait. Old MacDonald’s Farm was pretty cute. I’m not a huge animal fan, I don’t own pets and probably won’t but the girls had fun petting and feeding the goats and my oldest even got a pony ride. A great stop for young children needing to burn off some energy.

Old MacDonald had a farm...
Theses guys greeted you as you pulled up into the parking lot. There were no trolls under the bridge to my dismay.
Two words: Hand Sanitizer
You could basically pet or feed just about every animal.
insert horse joke here
The koi also had their own special food. If I were to have animals, it would be fish.
This chicken kept following us around. I DON'T HAVE ANY FOOD CHICKEN!
These guys were relentless on the food but surprisingly gentle.

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