Day 1 – Mount Rushmore

We ended the day with Mount Rushmore. I had a “tourist” intuition and decided to go there while the sun was still shining rather than head to the hotel. They were predicting rain for the rest of the week and I didn’t want to miss out on good weather. I’m completely convinced that there are over a trillion photos taken of Mount Rushmore yearly.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial
The resemblance is still there.
Sculptor's Studio interior
I took this waiting for my daughter in the bathroom.
Look mom! A postcard!
The typical Mount Rushmore shot
Walking up towards the flags
The ice cream at Mount Rushmore is amazing. This is strawberry cheesecake.

So after a few days we decided to go BACK to Mount Rushmore to buy some souvenirs and also since our pass is good for a whole year, might as well use it! It was raining this time so no blue sky but the shadows weren’t as harsh on the presidents so I took some more shots:

It wasn't quite raining at this point, but the lady didn't want to take any chances. Her hair was perfect.
The flags
Stormy clouds
Mount Rushmore revisited on a rainy day

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