Day 2 – Bear Country USA

The second day came with a few showers but we still ventured to Bear Country USA.  It consists of a drive-thru park that meanders it’s way through elk, deer, buffalo etc, and ends with BEARS! I had a close encounter with a wild bear in Canada once but I really was unprepared for the massive amounts of bears in one place. It’s slightly unnerving.

We got there at 8:00 in the morning and they had just been fed. Many like to follow the car like secret service men patrolling a state official in a parade. Then of course you go and see the cuddly babies in the park and you totally forget that this massive animal could crush you with it’s jaws.

Bear Country USA
Her: Babies! AWWWWW! Can I take one home??? Me: HELL TO THE NO!!!
Also, my youngest daughter can "speak bear". Her series of "rowr rowrs" got the baby bears all hopped up. It was hilarious.
These little bears fought and cried like little kids.
Unimpressed with the cars. Most of the animals had this bored look.
This little guy was a showoff. Totally knew I was taking lots of photos.

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