Day 3 – The Mammoth Site

This, by far, was my oldest daughter’s FAVORITE place, the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD. First of all she is crazy about elephants and mammoths are pretty close, second, she loves digging up “bones” like a young paleontologist in the making. I admire this ambition since it was close to what “I” wanted to be when I was that young, an archeologist and smooth talker Indiana Jones. What am I saying, I STILL want to be that. Photos. Go.

This big fella greets you as you drive in.
No one was digging when we were there and we could take the tour at our leisure.
These bones were.... wait for it.... MAMMOTH.
I know what you are thinking. What exactly am I looking at? BONES.
The interior of the gallery
A house made of mammoth bones cannot be blown down.
This face says it all.
I'm partial to skulls. They look tough.

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