Sunday Music Videos

I like listening to a lot of music while I paint. I mean really, who doesn’t love music?

Sunday morning is a great time to bookmark some new videos and run a playlist. Usually its a lot of movie or video game soundtracks unless I’m having some creative blocks then I have to change it up. My dirty little secret is I’m a COVER BAND fan! I hate listening to the originals once I’m bored of them and would rather listen to a new version of it. And it opens up this whole world of creative people on the internets.

So this post is dedicated to a sampling of some of the sweet videos I’ve found to get some creativity flowing! These musicians rock!


1. Amazing Cover: This lady is GENIUS: Nirvana Heart Shaped Box

2. Katy Perry Dark Horse in 20 Different Styles (My youngest LOVES Dark Horse)

3. Pentatonix – Happy!

4. And since I love Pentatonix so much, here is Lorde’s Royals as well…

5. Barbershop Girls – Something Tells Me

6. Ukulele Bohemian Rhapsody (I have a Ukulele that I can’t play very well, but I’m learning!)

7. Guitar Cover of Skrillex – seriously fantastic.

8. Rimba Tubes – Daft Punk Medley… I love this guy!

So there you go, a small sampling of super creative people doing awesome things with music!

Now go be creative!

Honorable Mention for Nate: JIMMY FALLON BOB SEGER COVER

  1. Here’s my fav cover ever. I do it at karioke night to annoy people. If link don’t work check out jimmy fallon bob segar on YouTube.Jimmy Fallon – YouTube
    ► 4:06► 4:06…
    Nov 16, 2012

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