April on Pinterest

I’m really not taking advantage of the awesomeness of Pinterest. I kind of gave it up after we started the house, realizing that the “Dream Board” for your home turns more into a board of stuff you cannot afford or cannot complete in a short amount of time and instead you just dissolve into tears…. er.. no? Well it was for me. So I dropped it and got back into reality.

April's Paintings on Pinterest
April’s Paintings on Pinterest

But now I have some time to look at pin boards again and see what’s cool, and I realized, I could pin all of my paintings to a single board to basically view them as a huge portfolio. And that is pretty awesome. Especially when people are like… hey can we look at your paintings… and I’m like, check out my website, and then they need to dig through 3 years of posts and get all frustrated. Which is not cool and I’m too lazy to update my “Paintings” page apparently.

So fear not painting lovers! Here is link to show them all off REALTIME!

I’ve also updated my “share” links at the bottom of posts to include Pinterest so pin away.

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