Jellyfish Painting Update

Well, no board, just used my huge canvas instead! I also decided to paint the jellyfish upside down for now. See where that takes me! (Fun fact, this is the 3rd animal that I’ve ever painted. Can you guess the other two? Put them in the comments below.)

Here are some progress photos. This is about 2 hours worth of work. Enjoy!

My original sketch, just upside down.
Started with the background.
Mixed in some greens and browns. I usually mix on the canvas since it’s so large.
Worked on the exumbrella. Used burnt umber, sienna and some white.
Now the fun part, the tentacles. eeeeewwww… ultramarine, colbalt, white, burnt umber
Adding the background. I’m purposefully making the strokes match the direction of the jelly. Like it’s flowing through the water.
More details into the tentacles.
And finished for the night. Added more details and more colors to the background. I’ll start building the layers up in the next few days.

OW! BAD SQUISHY!  (Previous Jelly update)

Dory freaks out

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