Aloha Painting, Where have you been?

So I know I’ve had a slight hiatus from posting lately. And it’s not because I’m slacking off. A couple websites are up and running, did some student tutoring, house plans are always on my mind, as well as trying to be a super mom and but hey, I can still manage to get some painting in right? RIGHT? So yeah, the blog posts get pushed to the wayside while I run around with my head cut off. BUT NOT TONIGHT LOYAL FANS!

I was going to wait until it was ALLLL done to post this. Mostly because the person it’s going to will probably read this at some point and it won’t be a surprise. But such is life. So here is a sneak peek at “O’ahu Diamond Head”. I myself have never been to Hawaii but I have a ton of reference photos that I secretly hate with jealousy. Enjoy the progress.

Click to enlarge. Working on the palm trees at this point and some sandy beaches.

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