Well if you saw the post before, you know that the client picked option 2. And now the fun begins!

Since I have such a large canvas I’m using a pretty basic technique called gridding. Now most true artists would call this cheating but I’m not very good at expanding a drawing to this massive size so I go back to the basics.

It helps me with my ratio and perspectives plus it saves me a ton of time. I’ve already drawn it once! Five times actually!

So take a look.


  1. “Gridding” sounds much more effective than the process known as “gridling”, whereby the artist wallows in pancakes moaning “I’ll never finish this painting! More syrup, please…”

    1. And not to be confused with “girdling” whereas the artist corsets in all their belly fat from all the “gridling” from the day before… I think I need to go workout.

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