Well if you saw the post before, you know that the client picked option 2. And now the fun begins!

Since I have such a large canvas I’m using a pretty basic technique called gridding. Now most true artists would call this cheating but I’m not very good at expanding a drawing to this massive size so I go back to the basics.

It helps me with my ratio and perspectives plus it saves me a ton of time. I’ve already drawn it once! Five times actually!

So take a look.


2 thoughts on “Gridding

  1. “Gridding” sounds much more effective than the process known as “gridling”, whereby the artist wallows in pancakes moaning “I’ll never finish this painting! More syrup, please…”

    • And not to be confused with “girdling” whereas the artist corsets in all their belly fat from all the “gridling” from the day before… I think I need to go workout.

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