Day 5 – Black Hills Institute

If you like everything prehistoric, which I do, this is your place. The Black Hills Institute in Hill City, SD has a large collection of cast replica dinosaur bones, fossils, fish and sea creatures as well as minerals and rocks all in one place. And while it isn’t very big, I found we spent a ton of time there just LOOKING at everything. My daughters loved digging up bones in the sand table. It keeps the little kids busy while you get to stroll around museum. Also kudos to the staff for choosing great music to listen to as well. It was surreal listening to Nora Jones while looking at a T-rex!  This is also the place that I think I took the most photos.

The Black Hills Institute
My daughter about to get her hand bit off.
So much to look at right as you walk in the door.
One of my favorites.
Another favorite. Crocodile jaws.
Check out the prehistoric fish. Apparently everything prehistoric is supersized.
Again, I couldn't get over the colors or the size.
Fossilized palm leaf
Triceratops skull
Even the youngest loved the sand table.
They took their work very seriously.
This is why I don't have pets.
Don't these just creep you out!?
They had a huge Fairburn Agate collection which ultimately turned me into a rock hound.
I should have taken a large scale photo of their rock/mineral collection. It was impressive.
My daughter wanted me to take this photo since she loves elephants.

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