May the Fourth Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day, although like most Californians, I will probably celebrate it again on the 25th!

As I type this, I am intently watching a countdown clock on hoping that they will reveal something earthshattering about the Blu-ray release… updates as we go!

As we wait, some funny twitter comments:

If you aren’t celebrating #StarWarsDay by blowing up planets and kidnapping Princesses, you’re doing it wrong.

It’s #StarWarsDay, May the Fourth be with you, Sithizens. Just remember, next comes The Revenge of the Fifth.

There’s only one thing I can do in less than 12 parsecs and it ain’t winning Kessel Runs. #starwarsday

“I love you, I know.” #Maythe4thbewithyou

May The Fourth Be With You! Happy #StarWars Day everyone! Go kiss a Wookiee


Update: 8:01 CST

I’m pretty sure I broke (+a thousand other server requests) since I’m getting errors all over the place and security popups asking for passwords. Much like twitter has the FailWhale, Star Wars could have a FailWookie.

And more funny twitter updates:

After a nerve wrecking countdown, the official Star Wars annoucement is that.. the server is down #epicfail #starwarsday#maythe4thbewithyou

The countdown ends and…server crash! In the words of Darth Vader – Noooooooo!!! #StarWarsDay #MayThe4thBeWithYou

Countdown on ended in a blank screen. I got a bad feeling about this. #starwarsday

Now I get it, it’s like the Death Star. Big countdown but it blows up a the last second. #starwarsannouncement #starwarsday


Update 2: 8:05 CST

I did get part of it to load, and what it looked like was a group viral “reveal”, a black screen that gave a popup that you had to share on Facebook or Twitter or like on Youtube and a percentage of the announcement would be revealed as it spread through the interwebs. Let’s see if I’m still right.


Update 3: 8:25 CST

Okay now they are just redirecting to probably until they get it fixed. Talk about nerve wracking! I’ve totally been there though when sites go live, talk about a nightmare. I would love to hear what is going on!


Update 4: 8:35 CST

We are back on the and it looks like a global share fight where your country is trying to outdo sharing with other countries. SHARE FIGHT! Still isn’t working, broken images of the flags, share popup etc. Great in concept, poor in execution. Never underestimate the power of your server… side!


Nope, back to 8:40 CST

At this point, rather than redirect to FoxMovies, I would throw up something very funny just to break the geeky tension. I mean, I really think could do something quick that would save some face. Admiral Ackbar could do a dance, Yoda could give some sage advice, heck, I would even take a Jar Jar cameo if I had to!


Blu-ray updates

I’ve been looking at alot of messageboards and it’s been a consensus that it has to do with details on the Star Wars Blu-ray release, maybe possible footage, extras included, etc.  Others are saying it’s being converted to 3D (PLEASE NOT!) Although a few are crossing fingers for game announcements as well. Either way I would have Lucas go online and say, “We have such awesome fans our servers can’t keep up. Who cares about the Share game, here you go, watch it on YouTube. Let their servers take the hit.”


AAAANNNNDD we are up and running. 9:09 CST.

From Star Wars Facebook:

“Once again our fans are # 1! We mobilized at an incredible rate and crashed the servers! We hope to have the site up soon, but in the meantime, stay tuned to Facebook as we’ll continue to post more exciting info about the Blu-ray release”

On the Wall Posts: They have posted the cover art to both of the Blu-Ray sets as well as additional footage images.


Meanwhile back on MaytheFourth…

At this point Brazil, Mexico and Russia are WAY behind and almost all other countries have liked it on YouTube. The US is gaining but behind just because of the massive load issues. They say that it will be shared thoughout the day. I say it will be fully unlocked in about an hour as long as the server can keep up.


Check it:

Unlocked Timeline: (I’d like to post screen caps, but I’d probably get a cease and desist letter.)

9:15 AM – 2% Loaded – Huge Yoda and multi character image
9:23 AM – 6% Loaded – Sith character sketch
9:27 AM – 8% Loaded – Sith character sketch
9:33 AM – 10% Loaded – Blue Screen Darth Maul
9:29 AM – 12% Loaded –  Photo Obi Wan, Maul, Qui Gon Jinn
9:43 AM – 13% Loaded – Back to Huge Yoda again… TEASING LOOP????
9:46 AM – 15% Loaded – Ohhhh it’s the Blu-Ray Box art for I, II and III.
9:50 AM – 17% Loaded – Sketch/Storyboard of Boba Fett
9:56 AM – 19% Loaded – Green screen of…
10:10 AM – 23% Loaded –  Jango blasting some serious…er photo.
10:23 AM – 26% Loaded – Annnnd back to the blu-ray jacket…
10:45 AM – 30% Loaded – Obi Wan and Anakin sketch
10:57 AM – 35% Loaded – Obi Wan and Anakin green screen
11:06 AM – 37% Loaded – Obi Wan and Anakin special effects
11:15 AM – 38% Loaded – Huge Darth Vader
11:36 AM – 43% Loaded – Millennium Falcon sketch and Model
11:58 AM – 48% Loaded – Millennium Falcon in  bay of Death Star
12:00 PM – 50% Loaded – WE ARE HALFWAY! BOOM!
12:09 PM – 52% Loaded – Blu-ray box art for IV, V and VI
12:19 PM – 56% Loaded – TaunTaun sketches!
12:26 PM – 64% Loaded – TaunTaun model
12:37 PM – 68% Loaded – TaunTaun with Luke
12:58 PM – 73% Loaded –  Jabba’s sail barge sketch
1:13 PM – 77% Loaded –  Blue screened Jabba minions
1:19 PM – 81% Loaded –  Luke challenging Jabba
1:34 pm – 87% Loaded – LUKE!
1:40 PM – 90% Loaded –  Full Saga Box Art – Young Anakin
1:44 PM – 93% Loaded –  Back to Vader Box Art
1:52 PM – 96% Loaded – Vader Still… this is a hiccup in the video
1:59 PM – 98% Loaded –  Ends with Full Saga box Art
2:00 PM – 100% Loaded – Seriously, right at 2? rigged perhaps? lol

Either way I’m excited, I’ve wanted to see this on Blu-ray for a LONG time. If only they revised it back to Han shooting first.


Now Star Wars made their official post: 1:27 PM CST

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