Fan Art

Just a statement about my fan art: It’s just that. Fan art! Obviously I don’t own any copyrights to Star Wars or Lucasfilm or Disney or Marvel or DC or are licensed under any of their copyrights or trademarks.

I’m just a fan. Painting what I love.

I am operating under “Fair Use” with no intend to sell.

To be clear: I’m not selling ANY fan art with copyrighted characters for profit. I will not be displaying any fan art in any store or gallery for profit. All of my work is transformative and no additional copies or prints will be made for profit or otherwise. I use these paintings for educating myself about color theory, shading, painting technique and stroke work.

I’m basically painting these to improve my own discipline and learn.

Like I said. These fan art painting will never be sold. But you can look at them all you want!

If you want to get in contact with me for ORIGINAL commissioned pieces (for example like my dog portraits or landscapes) shoot me an email in the contact us section.


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