About Me

The girls and I in the Black Hills of South Dakota

After college, I spent 11 years of my life behind a computer, designing, developing and art directing web sites for an ad agency. After my daughters were born, I decided to take the small amount of time I have with them and became a “SAHM” and freelance when I’m bored. It was the best decision I have EVER made. I still get behind the computer, but now it’s to search out ridiculously cool things, share them with you and possibly share my own creative flare.

At times I think blogs are a waste of time. That isn’t to say that I ignore reading blogs, because I have a handful bookmarked as we speak! But more often than not, the reason I read these blogs is because they have some awesome photos that go along with the stories or they are witty enough to keep my attention. I’m also a big fan of “before and after” design blogs or blogs that talk about handcrafted, vintage or any offbeat art creation.

Me with my latest commission, almost complete.

Will this blog be about that? Perhaps not. It will probably be me talking about my life, my kids, my design, what I made today and the like. Or it might magically turn into something bigger than all that. Usually if I find something cool, I’ll share it, but I have twitter for that. So if you are short attention spanned like I am, just follow me there!

The only photos I have with my husband have fish in them as well

In the meantime, enjoy the ramblings.


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