Book: Quentin McFury The Last Defender now available for purchase

Quentin McFury - The Last Defender Cover

Quentin McFury – The Last Defender Cover

I’m so excited to announce that Patrick T. Gorman’s book “Quentin McFury – The Last Defender” is now live on Amazon!

I have been collaboratively working with Patrick these last 6 months, designing the book cover and become a fan. Now it’s your turn. I don’t usually push too many things on my friends, but this is a book that I can get behind. A little sci fi Star Wars adventure, with a little love crush and alien worlds. What more do you want!? Great for kids to read as well.

You can find it here on Amazon:


Kindle Version:

Nook Version:

iTunes Version: Search for “Quentin McFury” in iTunes on you iPads, iPods or iPhones!

Congrats to my good friend Patrick. May the downloads be many and the ratings five stars. Now start writing the next book!!

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I’m testing my iPhone WordPress app with this meaningless post. Mostly because I’m flying across the pond tomorrow! I plan on spending a few days in Prague visiting my cousin and being a tourist so I’m hoping to do quick posts of my adventures if my data plan works correctly. So you are warned. Plan on seeing a lot of architecture, crystal and castles. And possibly yummy food.

In the meantime here is an awesome photo of my daughter.


April on Pinterest

I’m really not taking advantage of the awesomeness of Pinterest. I kind of gave it up after we started the house, realizing that the “Dream Board” for your home turns more into a board of stuff you cannot afford or cannot complete in a short amount of time and instead you just dissolve into tears…. er.. no? Well it was for me. So I dropped it and got back into reality.

April's Paintings on Pinterest

April’s Paintings on Pinterest

But now I have some time to look at pin boards again and see what’s cool, and I realized, I could pin all of my paintings to a single board to basically view them as a huge portfolio. And that is pretty awesome. Especially when people are like… hey can we look at your paintings… and I’m like, check out my website, and then they need to dig through 3 years of posts and get all frustrated. Which is not cool and I’m too lazy to update my “Paintings” page apparently.

So fear not painting lovers! Here is link to show them all off REALTIME!

I’ve also updated my “share” links at the bottom of posts to include Pinterest so pin away.

Spongebob’s Rainbow Jellyfish


Spongebob’s Rainbow Jellyfish

My daughter Clara is quite upset with me. I paint all day, but my paintings aren’t for her.

Her argument is valid.

So I asked her what I should paint for her. She said “Spongebob’s Rainbow Jellyfish”. Now I’ve watched alot of episodes, but I sure don’t remember that one, so I’m thinking she is combining MLP Rainbow Dash  and Spongebob’s Jellyfish together, since she seems to be all about rainbows lately. In this case, I felt the need to redeem myself. (Remind me to limit her TV viewing)

So here is Clara’s “Spongebob’s Rainbow Jellyfish” oil on canvas. It took me about 20-30 minutes. I had thought I had it finished, then she reminded me that I was missing the pink spots. So I put in some pink spots. High impasto. It’s a fun style that I can do quickly because I’m just slapping the paint on and if the color is wrong, I just keep building it up until it’s right. Making for deeper shadows and a more “frosting” like quality.


Detail of the high impasto.




It turned out great. I’m pretty happy with it.

For those of you living under a rock (like Patrick Star), that don’t know of Spongebob, here he is doing his favorite hobby, Jellyfishing!

Spongebob's Jellyfish

Spongebob’s Jellyfish

7 Cool Things I Found on the Internet

I couldn’t wait until Sunday, I realize that I find alot of cool stuff basically everyday! So enjoy!


UHG, I can’t wait for this!!!!

2. SOKKA’S SPACE SWORD!! (for reals)

I’m a huge Avatar ~ The Last Airbender fan. (The animated, not the movie) And stumbled on this video of Tony Swatton making Sokka’s Meteorite Blade from The Last Airbender. Every other monday, he forges your favorite weapons from video games, movies, and television.  CRAZY! The folding technique he does with the steel and meteroite makes an amazing pattern once it’s complete.





4. Homemade Halloween Costumes Winning the Internet



Stock Photo of Laughing Lady eating Salad. (Only graphic designers will get this)

Stock Photo of Laughing Lady eating Salad. (Only graphic designers will get this)

Little Oompa Loompa

Little Oompa Loompa

Epic Napoleon Dynamite

Epic Napoleon Dynamite

Dudes as Golden Girls

Dudes as Golden Girls

A whole Clue set.

A whole Clue set.



I’m sorry, my frog says NO.


As a Mary Poppin’s fan, I must watch this.

7. Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s Amazing Space Experiments

Hadfield’s most popular video came as an idea from a couple of students. What happens when you wring out a soaking wet washcloth in space? Surface tension! It’s pretty fantastic.

Jellyfish Painting Update

Well, no board, just used my huge canvas instead! I also decided to paint the jellyfish upside down for now. See where that takes me! (Fun fact, this is the 3rd animal that I’ve ever painted. Can you guess the other two? Put them in the comments below.)

Here are some progress photos. This is about 2 hours worth of work. Enjoy!


My original sketch, just upside down.


Started with the background.


Mixed in some greens and browns. I usually mix on the canvas since it’s so large.


Worked on the exumbrella. Used burnt umber, sienna and some white.


Now the fun part, the tentacles. eeeeewwww… ultramarine, colbalt, white, burnt umber


Adding the background. I’m purposefully making the strokes match the direction of the jelly. Like it’s flowing through the water.


More details into the tentacles.


And finished for the night. Added more details and more colors to the background. I’ll start building the layers up in the next few days.

OW! BAD SQUISHY!  (Previous Jelly update)

Dory freaks out