Amber’s Tree

During Christmas, our extended family brings a gift to be opened by a random family member. We draw numbers and choose our gift and if we are lucky, you want to draw last so you can steal the gift from someone who has already gone first. Usually we are too nice to each other to steal but this year I sweetened the pot. I gifted a painting. Any size, any medium, any subject matter except naked people or cats. (Or naked people holding cats.)

The winner was my cousin Amber who lucked out and got the last number!

Her subject was a lone old oak tree at the end of autumn on a some rolling hills. She wanted me to use black, white and some red.

Here is her painting. I’m going to surprise her with it at Easter. Click on the photos to makes them bigger!

Amber's Tree

It was EXTREMELY difficult for me to use just black and white. I’m a total color freak but I thought this turn out nicely. It was a good test of discipline NOT to mix.

Amber's Tree

The final few leaves blowing away.

Amber's Tree

You can’t really tell but I have some major brush stroke marks in there. I painted this much like I would draw if I were just using charcoal or a pencil. (10 pts to the person who sees the naked cat!)

Amber's Tree

I have a few more things I want to touch up and then I need to sign it. But overall this is the final result! Enjoy!

The Interior: House Update Two of Two

Well if the last post got us up to November of last year, then these photos will get us up to March of this year! It’s going to be alot of pictures of wiring, lumber, insulation and tools, and it might not make much sense but enjoy! Again, it’s an incredible amount of work. I just can’t believe we’ve done this much!

House Update One of Two

Hi everyone, well it’s been about 5 months and I have some time to reflect on the enormous amount of work we have been through on the house.  The following post got us up to about November of last year. I had said I wanted to get the house sealed before the snow flew and we did!  You can click on any of the photos below to open up a larger gallery. Enjoy!