Our House Building Project

So not very many painting updates lately. I’ve decided to go into construction. Most of my summer has been working on building our new house with the help of my dad and my nephew. It’s very exhausting work but I’m learning so much and by the end of this process will have a greater appreciation for construction. It’s amazing all the details you need to take into consideration. At times my brain hurts and there is defintely blood, sweat and tears. And bruises and aches and pains… But it’s all worth it.

I built this 3D model in a program called Google Sketchup. I’ve always wanted to be a 3D animator and this is probably as close as I’m going to get. If all goes to plan and all the pieces come together, this will probably be the final look when it’s all said and done!

At this point in time we have: poured the concrete footings, crawl space and walls, framed the subwalls and placed I-beams, chained in drain tile, foamed and wrapped the exterior foundation, build/poured a concrete tornado shelter, ran wiring for crawlspace lighting, set my 3 main support beams for the second level, dug a pond/borrow pit and relandscaped with borrowed gravel to bring us above grade, set in iJoists in the floor, screwed down subfloor, then sandwiched foam between another second tongue and groove subfloor and screwed that down. Put in duct work.  Built walls for the second level, ran I joists and flooring system for THAT floor, created tile/drains in the garage, ran infloor heating in coils in the garage, poured the concrete floor in the garage, built supporting walls in garage and mudroom for the main glulam beam, wall panels from Enercept arrived, unloaded trailers of panels and started puzzling together the walls, set the common wall with a Terex highlift, set the middle adjoining wall of the bedroom wing, set all exterior walls and gable end and finally yesterday we set 4 of the roof panels.

Whew. And that was just on the last 3 months! The goal now is to get the roof on and put in windows before the snow flies. There is still alot to do after that but the colder it gets the less you want to work outside! I have many many thanks for my father Wally for putting in ridiculous hours, thinking before we jump and pushing me until my body can’t move, my nephew Josh for putting up with my craziness and working steady everyday, he has a ton of talent with his finish work and does a  wonderful job and for my volunteers that could put in a few hours over their retired summer, my father-in-law Perry and my father’s friend Darius (who should have both been on the golf course but decided to help with my chaos) we loved every minute you were on site. To my brother’s Collin and Carmen, you can do more work in one day then I could in a month! To my babysitter’s Kelsey, Abbey and my mom, someone has to keep the girls in line and I think they enjoyed it!!!  And to my husband Casey and my two girls that are putting up with the long hours, the laundry that isn’t done and the food that barely gets scraped together for dinner, I thank you for your patience and support! It will all be worth it, I promise.

So hopefully I’ll post more in the coming months! Til then thanks for reading!































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