32 Hours Painting Complete

Well the Oahu painting is complete. Three days and 32 hours with color blocking done months ago. And I’m pretty happy with it. It will be my very FIRST oil painting that I’ll actually make limited edition prints. It’s pretty romantic and calming so we will see if other people feel the same. I’m in the process of getting paper samples and printer information so keep checking back for updates on the progress.

This painting was a quick turnaround where I’m trying to give enough time for “drying” before display. It’s also a good test that I can hit a deadline just like I could in college. You never know when a creative storm will hit and I’m glad I saw it through to the end.

If you are interested in a print of “Oahu Diamond Head” email me at apriljohnst @ gmail.com or message me on Facebook and I’ll get you on the list. The prints will probably be a quarter of the scale depending on the printer that I select. I’ll get exact dimensions and pricing when it’s dry and scanned. I’m also considering setting up shop on Etsy to make purchasing easier.  As always all the photos below can be enlarged so you can see the details. Enjoy!

Collin in a little sailboat. :)
Collin in a little sailboat. (tee hee)
Palm Tree detail
Palm Tree detail
The beach and wave detail
The beach and wave detail
Painting Complete
Painting Complete! "Oahu Diamond Head" 36x24 Oil on Canvas

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