Wisconsin Church Painting Mega Update

I’ve been painting and painting and painting whenever I can steal some time from my daughters. And this is the result. I’ve finished out the left tree and have been working on the details on the church. Part of the road and median is finished and I’m going to tackle the church steps next. Someone please send me a timeturner. Enjoy!

MOAR DETAILS!!! Click to enlarge the awesomeness.


  1. April, your paintings are fabulous. It’s great to watch them progress. When I’m an art teacher, I plan to highlight “real life” artists often with my students. (Not that the art history greats aren’t real life, I’ll still teach about them, but I think it’s hard to translate that into current art — animators, designers, etc.) I’ll be contacting you some day in the future.

    1. Thanks Holli! I will pencil you in my “future” calendar. I would love to bore the highlights out of some young punk artist!

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