Wisconsin Church Painting Mega Update

I’ve been painting and painting and painting whenever I can steal some time from my daughters. And this is the result. I’ve finished out the left tree and have been working on the details on the church. Part of the road and median is finished and I’m going to tackle the church steps next. Someone please send me a timeturner. Enjoy!

MOAR DETAILS!!! Click to enlarge the awesomeness.


Color Block and Underpainting

At this point I’m underpainting with alot of burnt sienna & medium and then color blocking in the sky with a mixed ultramarine blue/white/burnt sienna.  I basically want large abstract/simplified shapes for my shadows so I can start piling on the paint and details later.

I’m working outside because it’s so nice out but also to keep the fumes out of the house!

Color Blocking and Tonal Underpainting


Well if you saw the post before, you know that the client picked option 2. And now the fun begins!

Since I have such a large canvas I’m using a pretty basic technique called gridding. Now most true artists would call this cheating but I’m not very good at expanding a drawing to this massive size so I go back to the basics.

It helps me with my ratio and perspectives plus it saves me a ton of time. I’ve already drawn it once! Five times actually!

So take a look.


Painting sketches

I’ve started preliminary sketches of the next commission, here is a quick sneak peek of one of the angles of the church. It’s always better for me to draw it out first so I can memorize all the details and shadows and this building is HIGHLY detailed!