It’s time to Tumblr

Well I bit the bullet and have sold my soul to Apple. I now own more Apple products than I do pairs of shoes. Recently I became an iPhone owner and have fallen into the wannabe amateur photographer category of with it’s default filters and square cropping. These photos that annoyed me at first have now sucked me into their 365 day Polaroid view of the world. And with my short attention span I can’t pull myself away for some reason. More on that later.

April's Lost Stormtrooper - Day 1

In my defense, I held onto my Blackberry as long as I could, but when a phone restarts on you in the middle of a phone call it’s highly annoying. Security updating?? Really?  Restart. Pull the battery. Say a few curse words. Rinse. Repeat. Needless to say it was fun driving over that phone many times as it makes it’s way to a better place.

April's Lost Stormtrooper - Day 2

I also couldn’t go to a Droid. Blah. I had a huge long paragraph of reasons but I just deleted it. Who CARES!?

Which brings us to Tumblr. I’ve had an account for awhile, but I really didn’t know what to do with it. There are times I like posting lengthy blogs and other times I just post or repost something I find funny. Tumblr seems pretty high school to me although I enjoy following silliness. If Twitter is on one end of the spectrum and WordPress is on the other, then Tumblr is somewhere inbetween.  Then of course there is Blogspot, DeviantArt and LiveJournal, seriously, pick a card. I had gotten a WordPress account mostly for my own idiosyncrasies that can get quite lengthy (plus I wanted to learn the admin area and how to manipulate themes) and it slowly turned into a place I could show what I was painting. Overall it works rather nicely.

But now I kinda want to keep the blog clean. So I’ll still post here, but I’m going to keep it as art related as possibly. My Tumblr account has now turned into the “silliness stream” and Instagram photo repost for those of you that don’t have iPhones (snob I know). And as always, Twitter is Twitter. If this is all confusing, it’s alright, trust me, I’m a professional. I really don’t know how people that are getting jobs as “Social Media Coordinators” have any credibility. It makes me laugh when I see job descriptions like that.

Tumblr it up:

Don’t take yourself too seriously, you might hurt yourself.

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