Day 1 – 1880 Town

Located near Murdo, SD on exit 170, the 1880 Town became our first stop. It was drizzly rain, slightly foggy with very few people. They were just gearing up for Memorial Day weekend so the crowds hadn’t started yet which was just fine with me. It’s the reason we took the vacation as early as we did. This loneliness and rain gave the 1880 Town a level of creepiness that I rather enjoyed. Of all the buildings, the saloon was by far my favorite. In the main building they also have movie props from Dances with Wolves (1990).  (Dear lord, it’s already 21 years old!) I was quite young when it came out but I understood the significance of the film and the impact that it had on South Dakota and it’s history.

The Saloon from the balcony click to enlarge this!
My daughter's favorite, the old one room school house.
The hotel and it's creep factor
The Saloon stage
The outside of the town.
The inside of this barn was amazing.
"Dances with Wolves" movie props
"Dances with Wolves" teepee set piece
"Dances with Wolves" set piece
The inside of this train was frightening. I wouldn't even take the photo.
Check out this chair, there is a whole lotta awesome right here.
Even in death, it's okay to have a little humor.

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