Painting Complete

I had been secretly holding back progress photos of the bridge painting for my client just so they could have SOMEWHAT of a surprise at the final outcome. I’m sneaky like that. So I showed up yesterday and delivered the final result in person and much to my pleasure she was thrilled.

Ha ha, I've been hiding photos.

And the final result.

You can really see how large it is in scale.

And around midnight on Saturday. It’s finally complete.

I started Feb 11th and finished at midnight on May 7th. Actual painting time was about 68 hours (there were weeks of drying time I don’t count). It’s my 14th commission/gift painting and my 63rd painting overall.

Painting = Complete!

  1. Amazing! You are just simply amazing!! We are so lucky to have such an amazing woman, in more ways than one, in our family!! Can’t wait to see you and the girls this weekend!!

    1. First of all you are biased, AND I LOOOVE IT! Also tell Brad thankyou for HIS comment, means alot coming from him. As for this weekend, we will be there with bells on. Well not literally bells, that would be weird. And loud. And annoying. We will just be there, k? 🙂

  2. Incredible 🙂 Seriously you are so talented! The baby room may need a pretty painting or i guess a boyish one haha! Good job i’m sure they loved it!

    1. Thank you! This is a reasonable request, but my talent is wasted on newborns. Their lack of seeing color makes them bias.

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