More Brooklyn Bridge Painting Updates

Brick details on the right

I WANT MORE UPDATES! YOU GET MORE UPDATES!  This last week was alot of “On again, off again” work but progress is being made! I found myself wanting to get outside as much as possible during the warmer days. My garden needs some TLC as well! But there was enough crappy/windy weather that made me hunker down and get some serious progress done on my beloved bridge painting.

I am easily falling in love with the look of this which is unheard of because I am my biggest critic. There is something about the texture of the bricks and the multicolors that when I look at it, I FEEL happy. So that is a great side effect. I guess I’m not playing the tortured artist on this one. I have enough paintings that make me moody. I really don’t need another!

Check out the awesomeness!

Also it’s weird for me to see it in stages like this, I’m practically dissecting how I paint. Like, what made me start back down on the walkway? Did I get bored with the bricks, did I decide to change colors? Why didn’t I finish the rest of the arch first? Why didn’t I do all the guide wires?

(I really don’t have any answers for any of this but this is the crap I think about when I’m painting. I also think about bills, laundry, what I’m going to make for dinner, how much time do I have left before I check on my baby girl that’s napping upstairs and did my oldest get her homework done?!…)  But when I get to a stopping point and take a step back, I just bask in the progress and the journey and then I go back to the daily toil. I really don’t understand why everyone doesn’t paint. You are all missing out.

You can see the updates below in full RGB glory!

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