What I’m Reading Now

It’s an understatement to say that I “like” reading. If I had to compare my “like” of reading it would go along the lines of “I like reading like you like breathing”. Or April is to Reading like Cats are to Pudding (#stolen inside joke). My childish tendencies would even go so far as to say I read WAY MORE than you which I’m pretty sure is accurate even though I have no clue of your reading habits. (I’m not above bragging on this.)

It hearkens back to my tween days where I would spend hours in my room reading books purchased from the local “Cover to Cover” or borrowed from the school library. In those days before geek was chic, I would read lots of genres: comics, graphic novels, mystery, crappy teen romance, non-fic but my favorite by far was fantasy.   Good guys, bad guys, elves, gods, magic, adventure, swashbuckling and wizards (and this was WAY before Harry Potter mind you). Not that I don’t love HP, it’s just… well it’s over and like all good things that come to an end, it opens doors for new wonderful things to take it’s place.

After Harry Potter, or #AHP, I burned through alot of quick mainstream series just to fill my time but I needed something I could really sink my teeth into.

So let me introduce you to Patrick Rothfuss. I love this crazy bearded Diogenes following man and I don’t even know him. His love for Joss Whedon, Felicia Day, Flight of the Chonchords, Buffy, Dr. Who, Firefly and a million other geeky things make me realize we have a kindred spirit.  Not to mention his blog makes me literally LAUGH OUT LOUD at every turn, I’m sure in person he is a geeky force to be reckoned with and I won’t pretend that I could match wits or improv humor with this man.

(I read his WHOLE blog, all the archives, in 2 days, #crazymuch)

The Name of the Wind

But before I got all fan-girl obsessed with him I read his first two books: The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear.

Now I’m NOT going to post a long winded review or spoilers here. I’m just playing cheerleader to an author I admire and it’s something I rarely do. Kvothe, Bast, Denna, Auri, Elodin, Devi,Tempi; these characters have hooked me completely. The world, politics, University, cultures and songs are ridiculously complex and believable at least to me. And when you get mocked on (spoiler link) Penny Arcade, I totally know you are worth my time.

The Wise Man's Fear

I have four ways I judge a book:

1) Fair: I’ve read the book, it took me awhile, it was meh, I could easily put it down and I probably won’t read it again or heaven forbid, I didn’t finish it I was that unimpressed.

2) Good: I’ve read the book, it took me a few days, I stayed interested, I liked it but I won’t read it again.

3) Best: I’ve read the book, it took me a day, I couldn’t put it down, I learn more about the author hoping they have wrote more than just one, I might tell my mom.

4) Obsessed: I’ve read the book, I couldn’t read it fast enough, I found the author’s website and read it like a crazy person, I want to re-read chapters out loud, I buy the audiobook, paperback, hardcover AND digital iPad copy, I buy another copy just so I can gift it to someone, I spam my facebook friends to read it, I force my mom to read it, I erase my brain, start over and read it all again.

These books are #4 Obsessed. How’s that for a fantasy review?

If you want proof that these are worth your time, go look at the Amazon sales rank or read hundreds of already well qualified reviews or peruse his site at your leisure.  But you are warned, these are the first two books of a trilogy and the last book isn’t out yet and won’t be for a very long time. Long time fans have waited YEARS for the second one and I was lucky enough to not pay attention until now. Also the second book has a few more “adult” moments that even made this mother of two blush.

As a creative, I know the long hours it takes to do something and do it well, so Pat, take all the time you need. I’ll easily wait years for the final book with no whining and complaining. In the meantime make me laugh with your blog and your adventures with Sara and Oot and maybe at a future San Diego Comic Con, if I see you, I’ll be brave enough to give you a high five.

  1. ok, so you turned me on to HP, Katniss, and many others……are you bringing his first book with you this weekend?

  2. Have you ever ready any Terry Goodkind? You have GOT to start his The Sword of Truth series…you will like…no lie.

    1. Ah yes, I’m very familiar with Goodkind, I actually read Wizard’s First Rule in 1994 which dates me considerably, I don’t have all of his books, I think only 6 of them, I should probably finish his run. I’m partial to Eddings, Feist, Terry Brooks, Tad Williams, Riordan, Barry & Pearson, so on and so forth. I’m now starting “The Warded Man”, my bro-in-law B-rad forced me to download it on iBooks and it’s waiting patiently on my iPad with a little red “New” ribbon attached to it.

  3. Rothfuss is so awesome! I went crazy when Wise Man’s Fear came out, drooled all over the poor thing, and it wasn’t even my copy. i walked around smiling like an idiot for the 5 days it took me to read it.

    have you seen Rothfuss’s “not for kids” book called The Princess & Mr Whiffle? it’s very cute. illustrated. a little funny and dark. NOT FOR CHILDREN, and i think you’ll get a kick out of it!

    1. HA! We are SO on the same page. I found myself reading into the night until my eyes hurt. I haven’t read The Princess & Mr Whiffle but I did see it mentioned on his blog. It’s definitely next on the list!

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