My Painting Process

I have a good handle on the first layer of the arches, I'll need a slight dry on this before I start the second layer.

(I’m giving you a sneak peek of how I paint. I usually don’t do this, mostly because I really don’t have a process or maybe I do and just don’t know it yet. For me, painting is just having fun and FINDING my way, but still… Enjoy!)

I’ve always liked time-lapsed videos of artists painting or sculpting. I, of course, have NO patience to try to do this myself since many times when I’m doing a painting I make mistakes, palette knife off half the oil and even scrap the whole thing and start over if I’m not happy with the direction. (And honestly, who likes looking at the back of my head!) But I’m FORCING myself to at least document every step of this painting for my client. This is only a day into the painting and we have a ways to go, but hopefully I’ll have a few more “process” posts as we go along.

P.S. You have no idea how hard it is to stop yourself and photograph your progress. Once you get going, it really is hard to break in and say, “WHOA! HEY! This is a photo op!” especially when you are booking along. But here it is so far with some glorious commentary and a slideshow at the bottom.

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