Forward Facing Bookshelves

Forward Facing Bookshelves 1

My oldest daughter loves books (which is obviously encouraged) and of course I try to be the mom that reads to her every night. After a glass of water, making sure their are no monsters under the bed and the sides of the blanket are tucked in tight, we usually grab the same pile of books on her nightstand and dig in. I’ve read aloud the same stories so many times that I can pretty much recite them by heart and it’s getting BORING!

Forward Facing Bookshelf

So to encourage NEW reading material from the shelf, I’ve decided to install some “forward facing” bookshelves so that she can see the covers rather than the spine. I’ve researched them online and I’ve seen everything from vinyl gutters to spice racks to built from scratch scrap wood.  I’m thinking to myself, there has to be an alternative that isn’t ridiculously expensive or wastes my time in the shed. So off to Menards I go and I find an eight dollar picture frame shelf called a “Stafford”.  It was unfinished wood which was fine by me, I have plenty of paint that can whip them into shape.  So after a paint job and an overnight to dry they are now on the wall. Overall I think they turned out really cute and bring more color to an already brightly colored room!

Forward Facing Shelves

Even my younger daughter has her own forward facing bookshelves with “age” appropriate reading material! Who doesn’t love counting, shapes and colors!?

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