Twisted Bead Earrings

Twisted Bead Earrings

I have a ton of beads and usually I try to make bracelets or necklaces when I’m snowed in but this time I decided to play with earrings. Earrings are super easy and you can easily blow a half hour watching some of your favorite DVR’d shows. (which is exactly what I did!)

It’s pretty easy, you need some little beads (any colors your choose), two earring posts, beading wire (mine is a 26 gauge purple), some sewing thread (again mine is purple) and a scissor/wire cutters.

First double the length that you want your earrings, mine I wanted about two inches tall, so cut two wires about four inches each. Loop the one end and attach it to the earring post. Thread your small beads on the other end leaving a little space at the top to loop the other end onto the earring post. Basically make a circle.

Now you can leave your earrings just like this if you want, but I like the straight dangly ones.

Squeeze the sides together. Tie thread at the top of the first bead and start wrapping between the beads all the way down to the bottom. The bottom will have a little bulge because the beads will bunch together, but the thread will hold it all together. Once you get to the bottom, wrap back up a little bit and tie off.

Then take the top and bottom and twist about 5 or 6 times to tighten the beads together.  You may not want to do the thread trick but I think it reinforces it a little bit more and makes a cool spiderweb like pattern. Enjoy!



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