A Huge Roll of Paper beats Rock

Huge Roll of Paper

Maybe not scissors but in the case I’ll make an exception…

Now I have nothing against coloring books. I loved them as a kid and I was pretty careful to color in the lines. My daughter on the other hand is a little more “freeform” and has virtually no interest in staying in the lines, coloring anything the “right” color or even taking care of her crayons. Yes I know, she’s three.

She scribbles, she colors where ever (table included), she pokes holes, pours glitter, markers up her face, sticks stickers and so on, eventually her “homework” looks more like a sculptured spit wad then anything that could be handed in for a grade and I need to throw her into the tub since she tattooed herself with Sharpies.  Embrace it April!

What made me not lose ALL hope is when she had a BLANK sheet of paper, creativity just poured out. She would draw little people and stars and swirls and tell a little story to me. I was flabbergasted! No wonder she hated coloring books! She wanted to make them herself. Imagination DUH!

So a huge roll of paper is the best thing for this little creative and imaginative mind! This was the best Christmas gift in my opinion and the one that we use the most. (Take that Squinkies! #hate)

The other wonderful thing about this is when we are done, we just roll the thing back up for another day. She keeps adding to it, or cuts into it, or rolls out more. It’s a never ending piece of artwork and I love it.

Here are some of her masterpieces:

Little Monster that ate a blue cowboy hat
Her Sister in orange, I don't know who the big guy is...
Self Portrait (at three)

This huge roll of paper is another good thing for my carpet when we are painting:

Testing her painting skills yesterday

Although the floor is nice, I’m eventually hoping to find a really old table with wooden legs that I can cut off at the right height for her to stand. Then I plan on screwing the roll of paper to the end of the table and adding some mesh bags for markers, colors and the like. If you have an old table like this let me know!

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