Taking Inventory

My daughter gets 5 stars in oil tube arranging.

Time for a new painting, but much like taxes, it’s time for an audit of my oils. Some may need to be retired since they didn’t survive the move and some will need to be replaced.  I had taken a hiatus last year (except for my sister-in-laws painting in October) since I was pregnant. I had enough going on and we were renting a TINY house with zero ventilation. Now that we are settled and my eldest can finally listen to some reason (like “don’t touch, wet paint”) I’ve decided it’s safe to break out my oils.  Here, my daughter helps me organize them into a haphazard array of colors and manufacturers. My blues are the most depleted but my browns are representing.

So I asked her what I should paint and she said she wanted a painting of her little sister.  Portraits??? ME??? Are you crazy!? I didn’t have the heart to tell her I only do landscapes. But I would be lying if I didn’t take out my Portrait books just to see if I would venture to do it. Maybe I need a challenge. Then again, maybe I just need a laugh.

  1. I like being organized, and taking inventory keeps me from buying stuff I already have…… my question is “how do you find time to do it, plus take pictures, write about it, and post on the web???? oh that’s right……you are supermom and my hero

    1. I learn from the best, you! (But I must warn you, the camera doesn’t show the three loads of laundry I need to get done, the dishes in the sink or all the toys spread on the floor!)

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