Unique Ornaments

Christmas TreeNow I went out and bought a whole bunch of ornaments for the Christmas tree at work, but ours at home is totally different. Our Christmas tree has a wide array of ornaments with very few matching because this randomness has been collected for over 15 years!

Many were given to the family by my grandmother and some were bought along the way but for us, ornaments have more meaning than just “ornament of 2008, 2009, 2010, etc”.

Some of the more unique ornaments on our tree are the hand-crocheted snowflakes that my grandmother made and starched. Each is a different pattern and I have about 16 of them. They are just lovely and delicate!

There are also these little porcelain bells that have been hand painted and detailed that I got from my maid of honor for my wedding (ahem years ago).

Either way, I’ve always liked the collage feeling of our tree because it’s personal. Some ornaments were bought, gifted or made. Some are wood, glass, plastic or crochet.  But put them all together and it seems like they just are meant to be.


Handmade snowflakes

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